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Starting the week of 9/3/2018, computers will be checked out to each student.  Here are a few tips for families in preparation for this transition.


Can students bring the laptops home?  Yes!  That is the expectation.  Students will use this computer for the school year and return it to the library in the Spring.  Prior to bringing computers home, families must sign the district form, “Responsible Use Policy.”


Where can we find this “Responsible Use Policy” (RUP) form?  Families can electronically sign the form on Skyward.  You can access this form from a desktop computer, not the phone App.  Please read the directions below.


What if Skyward doesn’t work?  Students can get a printed from the library.  Please sign the form and return it with your student as soon as possible.


Where can I find out more information about the computers and how teachers and students will use them?  The Bellingham School District provides this information and will continue to provide education for families regarding learning with technology and digital health.