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WE Day is a celebration of youth making a difference in their local and global communities. Tickets to this event must be earned, they cannot be bought. Over 15,000 students from all over the state of Washington were celebrated for their hard work and action to help others on May 3 of this year.

This year’s Social Action Club has taken more action, raised more money, and spread more love than any other SA Club I have advised in 14 years! #proudteacher💜 #inspiredbyourkids #thisisshuksan

Regrettably, not all Social Action Club members were able to attend this year’s WE Day.  The pictures below capture some of the event.


IMG 6349     IMG 6345strowgambito      1

IMG 6354


IMG 6343

Mrs Strow is the adviser for Social Action Club which meets twice weekly: Wednesday mornings from 8 am-9 am and Thursdays 3:50 to 5:00 pm. New members are always welcome!

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