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Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Eighth graders at Shuksan Middle School wrote and designed children’s books that followed the hero’s journey. Many of the stories mimicked experiences and challenges that the students faced in their own lives. Birchwood teachers invited around 25 8th graders to read their books to students in K-2. Not only did they read their books, but they mentored kids on the playground, music class, and snack time. What impressed me the most about our students was their ability to not only read their books, but ask elementary kids engaging questions about the books so the elementary school kids could personally connect with the books.


Rachel Smith, 2nd Grade Birchwood Teacher, commented:


Team Shuksan…your students were amazing today! They were confident, proud and engaging with the elementary students. 8th graders in my room helped my students appreciate that they could play with language in reading and writing too. Maria and Melissa wrote a story including Spanish and English words (and read it like real teachers with stop and talk moments). Their story was one all kids could connect with as well. Their visit made our day!