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Shuksan 8th graders participate annually in Service Learning projects.  What is Service Learning?
It’s a chance for students to connect what they have learned in the classroom to a real community need.  This project provides students with an opportunity  for a hands on, practical experience in an area of interest for them, while meeting a need in our community.  All of their work links to what they are learning in school.  While the work done is through various volunteer agencies, it is NOT volunteerism.

Here are the sites that are hosting our students this spring:

Opportunity Council
Whatcom County Parks & Rec
Fragrance Garden @ Tennant LakeBellingham Parks & Rec
Bellingham Technical College’s Aquaculture Program @ Whatcom Creek
Marine Life Center

Rosewood Villas
Alderwood Park
Lakeside Gardens

Lydia Place
Bellingham Food Bank
Max Higbee
Agape House

Alderwood 1st Grade
Cordata 2nd Grade
Northern Heights 4th Grade
Sunnyland kindergarten
Whatcom Dispute Resolution

Parrot Rescue
Whatcom Humane Society

We thank them for helping provide this valuable experience for our students.

We thank our parents who provide transportation to and from the job sites.

We thank our 8th grade teaching team for amazing amount of work they do for our students each and every day and for tackling this logistically HUGE project because they know it’s good for our kids!

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