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You have questions!  You need answers!  You have problems!  You need solutions!  Let research help build knowledge and power into your life.

password:  98225


password:  98225


password:  98225


By the time you start High School, you will need to be confident in your Research skills.  Here’s a checklist from high school librarians to help suss out your skills:

  • Do you know how to find databases at SMS?
  • Do you know how to use databases?
  • Are you familiar with the SMS website?  Have you checked out SQHS or BHS library websites?
  • Do you know how to ask for help from a teacher or librarian?
  • Do you know about SweetSearch? It returns ACADEMIC links and articles, unlike Google or Bing
  • Do you know how to cite sources?
  • Can you use Knight Cite for citation help?
  • Can you use MLA formatting correctly
  • Can you properly embed quotes into a paper?

Here are some questions and tools to guide and push your research skills and thinking.

What is the difference between an Open and Closed Question (link)?  Both types of questions are asked during the research process.


What sources are best for answering my research questions?

What is a database?

A database, according to Tim Slavin from “Beanz,” is a “bucket or a toy box.”  Buckets and toy boxes hold and organize your stuff.  A database is a tool that helps organize information and articles.  It is a way to help you find what you need.  These are some of the databases that you can use to find helpful information.


Here are some other tools that can help you find your way:

Here are some tools to help you create Bibliographies and cite your work