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Dear Parent/Guardian:


Shuksan Middle School is continuing to provide a program called Project SUCCESS for our students. The goals of the program are to prevent and reduce substance use and to improve school performance. To accomplish these goals, students will have the opportunity to participate in school-wide awareness programs, classroom discussions, and eventually, extracurricular activities to promote healthy coping and decision making. Students are also able to engage in small group and individual meetings in order to discuss mental, emotional, and substance use issues and misperceptions, and gain the support they need to better focus on their academics. Parent/Guardian meetings will also be available to support you with any mental, emotional, substance use issues you may be experiencing with your student.


Kelly Giles, our Student Assistance Professional will be responsible for implementing and coordinating Project SUCCESS prevention and education activities at Shuksan Middle School. Kelly is a licensed Substance Use Disorder Professional (SUDP) with previous experience working with adolescents in school prevention programs, substance use inpatient rehabilitation services, and substance use outpatient services. He is being paid and supervised by the Northwest Educational Service District 189 in partnership with the Bellingham School District. During the 2022-2023 school year, 7th grade students will receive the Project SUCCESS Prevention Education Series in one of their classes.


Kelly will be available to support students individually and in groups who are affected by substance use, are struggling with mental health concerns, are using substances, or have personal, school or family issues that could lead to substance use. If you are worried about your student’s behavior and would like to speak to him and/or have him see your student, please email him at to set up a phone call. You may also call him at 360-676 6454 ext 4857, 8am to 4pm. All communication will be confidential.


We are hopeful that Project SUCCESS will be effective in preventing and reducing substance use and in improving school performance.


Alli Chryst



Kelly Giles

Student Assistance Professional