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Leadership Class and Club, under the direction of Erin Meese, led our school in our Kick-Off assembly of the 2017-2018 school year.  They did a great job! We thank them for all of their hard work.






The  creative, hardworking students of Leadership are: Pablo A, Regan A, Opal B, Wyatt B, Logan B, Dawnlynn C, Emma C, Sophie F, Morgan F, Joshua G, Maya G, Kyle H, Makayla H, Cole I, Aarti K, Flynn L, Kaden l, Logan M, Joziah M, Alicia M, Kelly M, Valeria P, Caitlyn R, Sonali R, Kylie S, Hanna S, Ryder S, Abigail T, Ella T, Kai W, Logan W, Maren W.


Our 2017-2018 ASB officers are:

Flynn L and Tanner R : Co-Presidents

Joziah M: Vice President

Kai W and Emma H: 8th grade representatives

Josh G and Logan B: Co-Vice Presidents of Student Activity

Luis T: Vice President of Fund Raising

Sam D: Secretary

Kelly M: Treasurer

Olivia Q: Communications