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Please join me in congratulating the following students who earned high school credits for their first language through our Credit for Proficiency program. These students are amazing examples of the Bellingham Promise’s outcome of “multilingual readers & speakers.” Additionally, the students starred (*) earned the maximum of 4 credits and will receive the Seal of Biliteracy on their high school diplomas.


Harman Badesha

Anh Bao *

Lovedeep Bhachu

Sergio Bravo

Mayrin Cano

Harjot Dhaliwal *

Angel Dominguez

Devin Dulay

Luis Enriquez

Katherine Escalante

Adamaris Esquivel

Yekina Gonzalez

Margarita Gonzalez *

Rigo Gonzalez

Truc Ho

David Huerta

Kevin Landa

Jonathan Magana

Toufic Majdalani

Sagui Martinez *

Olivia Merino *

Kristina Montero-Duong

Thang Nguyen *

Lizath Ortiz

Angelica Perez *

Diana Popov

Carlos Rios

Adrian Rodriguez *

Dayanara Romero-Oropeza

Monique Sanchez *

Prabhjot Sandhar *

Harleen Sarn

Cristian Tapia Hernandez *

Maria Torres Salcedo

Yaritzi Villa *