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Connecting students to mentors and fun


BEATS, which stands for Be at Shuksan, is our before and after school program funded by the 21st Century Learning Grant. BEATS is all about building relationships, trying new things, empowering students, and most of all having FUN!


2022-2023 Beats starts Oct 3, 2022  (before school AND after school)
**Sign Up for BEATs via FINAL FORMS (go here)**

Questions?  Here is who to contact!  Thanks!


Beats is Shuksan’s before and after school program. Students can participate in a variety of activities, meet new friends, and get help with their homework.
Beats is a drop-in program; students may come any day that they choose. Students must sign-in when they arrive at Beats, but do not need to communicate when they plan to attend. 


AM Beats runs every day that there is school, 8:00- 9:00am

Students arrive in the Shuksan cafeteria where they can get homework support or play board games with their friends. At 8:30 students can also choose to move to the Gym or the Library for different activities.

PM Beats runs every Mon-Thurs (not ½ days) from 3:45-5:45pm

Students arrive in the Shuksan cafeteria after school and receive a snack before our “family meeting”, where the choices of the day are announced (activities vary by day and change often)

At 5:00pm students are served dinner (free of charge)
When students are done with dinner the gym and library are open for students to freely choose games to play with their friends.
At 5:30 the Beats Bus departs to take students home (route coming)


  • Bus stop times may vary by up to 10 minutes
  • Bus stops are determined by the Bellingham Public Schools transportation department; they are meant to get all students fairly close to their houses, but in most cases students will need to walk a moderate distance.
  • If you would like to discuss the possibility of a stop being added to the route, contact Mike Kopf