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Connecting students to mentors and fun


Here are some fun facts about BEATS and what we offer:


0) BEATS (Be At Shuksan) is a before- and after- school program for any and all students who want to attend.  All programming, including field trips, after school snack, dinner and the BEaTS bus is free for all SMS students.


1) This year, all students will need to sign a BEATS contract, created by 8th grade BEASTS (regular attendees), in order to participate in BEATS.  This will help us create a safe, fun environment.


– students may come to BEATS any day and are not required to come every day


2) Students new to BEATS this year, including 6th graders, will need to sign up for BEATS by writing their name on the BEATS New Student Sign Up lists located in the main office, on the door of the BEATS Lair or on Michelle and Mike’s Office door at the bottom of the 7th grade stairs.


3) AM BEATS starts at 7:45 am and goes until 8:45 am, M-F.

– All students meet in the cafeteria to sign in, do a check in with staff (personal and academic) and find out what activities are available during choice time (8:15 a – 8:45a)

– Normal activities during choice time are board games, sports in the gym and computer lab choice time

– The AM Coordinator is our very own Student Success Coordinator extraordinaire, Michael Kopf aka “The Dragon Wizard” (michael.kopf@bellinghamschools.org)

–  there is no AM BEATS bus.  Students must get to campus on their own

– students not signed in for BEATS may not be on campus (including the park behind the school) until 8:45 am


4) PM BEATS goes from 3:45 – 5:45 pm, M – TH.

BEATs BUS Schedule found here


– All students meet in the cafeteria to sign in, get a snack, have a mandatory meeting to connect and find out what activities are available during enrichment (4:00 – 5:00)


– students help us create enrichments, so the offerings change each day.


– Homework support is offered every day, and on Wednesday’s our 8th grade WEB mentors will work with 6th graders specifically in a quiet space to help with HW and other questions


– Normal enrichments include a visual art offering (ceramics, drawing, street art/murals, etc), a do-it-yourself project enrichment, a technical skill enrichment (video production, audio production, video game programming, etc), movement based enrichments like sports (soccer, basketball, football playground style) or skateboarding/rollerblading/bicycle riding and some interesting ones like bakedBEATS (baking food), School of Rock (playing instruments), Mixed Martial Arts breakdancing.


–  BEATS also partners with SMS clubs, like Aerospace Club with Mr. Middlebrooks, Social Action Club with Mrs Strow MakerSpace  Club with Ms. Hento and Mrs. Haywood and the WEB Mentors to support students trying new things and working with great teachers.


– if there is not an enrichment a student likes, They can tell a beats instructor and we will help them create one


– The dinner program is served at SMS from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm and is free to all humans under 18.  Families and adults are invited to eat with us… Any adult over 18 is $4.25.


– Students must sign up to ride the bus each day they attend PM BEATS.  This happens during sign in in the cafeteria after school or with your club teacher.


– The BEATS bus leaves SMS each day at 5:45 PM. It takes a modified route, meaning it is not the same bus route that the students would normally ride, through the SMS service area.


–  Students need to know which BEATS bus stop is closest to their house.


–   Bus route schedules are available in the main office and may change as students needs become more clear


– The PM Coordinator is Michelle Goldman aka “Sauce” (Michelle.goldman@bellinghamschools.org)


I am the humble Director and my contact info is below…..


Sean Flikke

Director and Site Coordinator

21st CLCC Grant

Shuksan MS

Bellingham Public Schools


tel: 360-676-6470 x. 4862