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You are invited to participate in the Winter Break Reading Challenge.  Do your 2 (read for 2+ hours) each week, complete 3 fun activities and turn in your form.  You could win all sorts of prizes:  free books!  rad stickers!  treats!  And… grand prize?  A pancake breakfast for you and 5 friends!

Use these links to help you complete your challenge:


All done?  Turn your challenges in here by uploading your Book Reports and Posters to this shared folder. Make sure to name your projects as you upload them like this:  full name + grade + project.  Example:  gillyhopkins7poster.  Last day to turn in?  Friday, January 4.  OR email your projects to Mrs.Fisher.  Thanks!!


Ms. Larson, our fabulous Ed Tech Coach, invited classes to participate in the Hour of Coding during the week of Dec 3. Here are a few resources that students accessed: