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8th Grade Teachers:

Calvin Atkins
Hazel Clapp
Shannon Flory
Mindy Galbraith
Dustin Heaton
Erin Meese
Allison Neils-LeMoine
Brian Porteous
Dara Yost

Colonial America

World Book Online
The Original 13 Colonies
Colonial America
Daily Life in the Colonies (interactive)
Education in the Colonies

U.S. Government

Thomas  – Library of Congress Legislative Website
Bill of Rights Institute
The Consitution Explained
Justice Learning
Social Issues Site


Punnett Squares

Circulation Station

Reproductive Strategies PBS Learning Media

Periodic Table

Periodic Videos – TEDEd
Dynamic Periodic Table
The Elements Revealed: An interactive Periodic Table – Scientific American
Periodic Table of the Elements –  Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Chemistry Division
It’s Elemental –  Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Chemicool Periodic Table – from MIT

Retake Density13 links

I can make observations and inferences:
I can describe and calculate mass:
I can describe and find volume:
I can describe and calculate density:

Don’t Be Dense!

Human Body Systems

Human Anatomy – Body Systems
Your Body’s Systems  – from
Body Systems – Discovery Kids Science
Human Anatomy – from Inner Body
Human Biology – from


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